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Healthvana Frequently Asked Questions

Healthvana is a patient engagement platform. We make it easy for healthcare providers to engage patients, while empowering individuals to take control of their personal health.

We believe that outstanding patient care requires a continuous cycle of engagement. Engagement begins during a patient’s visit and continues long after leaving the provider’s office. With Healthvana, providers can engage their patients every step of the cycle.

Engagement starts with simplifying patient visits. We offer providers an intuitive web-based interface that mirrors their existing practice. By integrating directly with their lab and EHR systems, we streamline clinical processes and avoid the duplication of data entry.

Our goal is to make providers more efficient. So, our tools enhance a provider’s workflow, rather than disrupt it.

Healthvana continues to facilitate engagement as soon as a patient leaves the provider’s office. Whereas the status quo requires providers to call patients to deliver lab results and instructions, we utilize our proprietary results delivery system to automatically deliver results to patients. After logging in to their secure portal, patients instantaneously receive lab results, educational information, “next steps,” and testing reminders. This keeps providers efficient and ensures that patients receive the highest level of care possible.

As the old adage goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” To help providers continuously improve their quality of care, we offer a suite of analytics tools that measure patient engagement and outcomes.

We live in an era where individuals can access myriads of personal information from their computers and smart phones. When it comes to accessing personal health information, however, the status quo remains that “no news is good news.”

Like many patient advocates, we find this premise unacceptable. At Healthvana, we believe that patient empowerment starts with a patient’s ability to access lab results and health information in a manner that is simple, actionable and easy to understand.

To eradicate “no news is good news,” we instantaneously deliver original and interpreted lab results to patients via our secure patient portal. Unlike traditional lab reports, our elegant portal provides patients with “next steps,” educational materials and testing reminders. We also make it easy to share health information with other providers, loved ones, friends and partners.

Healthvana is a Business Associate under HIPAA. Accordingly, we meet the security standards, privacy practices, and access control standards prescribed by federal and state law.

Healthvana integrates directly with provider lab and EHR systems to automatically deliver results to patients. This helps patients receive their results as quickly as possible and also removes the chance of human error.

Healthvana delivers positive results to patients with curable infections. For incurable infections such as HIV, Healthvana only delivers positive results at the discretion of the patient and provider.

When a patient tests positive for a curable infection, they receive a private notification in their Healthvana account informing them that their results came back positive. We let them know that they don’t have to worry because infections are a normal part of life and are likely curable. We then educate the patient with information about the infection and the next steps for them to receive treatment.

Patients can access Healthvana from any device with an internet connection (e.g., computer, tablet or mobile phone). We also have a iPhone and Android apps.