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50M+ Covid-19 Results and Vaccination Records Delivered
*we are now supporting the mpox response as well*

States + Counties + Cities

You’re battling an unprecedented situation and we’d like to help.

Let us take burden off your staff around communicating test results to patients, including follow up. Our platform delivers test results fast – regardless of lab or test type – in a way that is clear to patients 1) whether they are positive, negative or need to retake the test; and 2) next steps to prevent further spread of the disease.

  • A simple way to answer every patient’s question, “Am I going to be ok?”
  • Remove delay delivering results and impact patient behavior quicker
  • Dramatically reduce time burden on your staff, no more phone calls
  • Outsource patient support after the results are delivered
  • Easily run full reports and track unviewed positives
  • Gain holistic view on test results and vaccines for contact tracing and other initiatives
  • Minimize concerns around reaching patients regardless of socioeconomic status or race

You’re the best at analyzing test results. We’re the best at communicating them.

We can integrate with your lab workflow regardless of LIS or LIMS, and give patients their results as soon as they’re ready. Our mobile-first, HIPAA-compliant platform enables us to reach patients quickly and securely, and our compassionate approach means more patients open and understand their results, and what to do next.

  • Reach more patients faster and scale easier
  • HIPAA Incident Management
  • Dramatically decrease administrative burden, stop making calls
  • Outsource patient support after the results are delivered
  • Work with a trusted partner who has delivered more than 15 million test results

Get your people back to work.

You’re under an immense amount of pressure to create new work protocols and keep your workers safer – all while continuing to run a successful business. We work with employers to set up a simple, effective way to manage employee test results, including 1) delivering results as soon as they’re available from your partnering lab(s); 2) providing staff with next steps based on your specific protocol; 3) and providing executive dashboard view into all Covid-19 and flu test results and flu and Covid-19 vaccinations.

  • Compile results from surveillance and diagnostic testing for your designated Covid-19 compliance officer
  • Gain full transparency at the company level and across multiple sites
  • Provide a compassionate solution that enhances employee experience
Senior Nursing Facilities

You know more than most that every second counts.

Your patients are the most vulnerable in the country, and delay in delivering test results can mean all the difference in saving lives. Our mobile-first platform was specifically built to deliver sensitive test results as soon as they are available from the lab. Covid-19 results can be delivered to patients directly or to the medical director to handle as you see fit.

  • Manage your entire patient base in an easy dashboard view
  • Manage your entire employee base, adhere to new safety protocols
Universities + Schools

Your students shouldn’t have to sacrifice education to stay safer.

You’re in a challenging position: How to provide students a strong learning environment and also keep them safe. We immediately deliver test results from the lab as soon as they’re ready, removing delays that can cause further Covid-19 spread. Gain insight into your entire student population in one easy-to-read administrative view.

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