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Think Patient.

Patient trust begins with communication

Healthvana’s mission is to help eliminate Covid-19 and HIV using technology. Since 2015, the mobile-first patient platform has been rooted in empathy, enabling HIPAA-compliant test results to be easily and quickly distributed to patients. Healthvana gives patients the ability to access their test results or vaccination records anytime, in order to share easily and make healthy choices.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, speed is particularly critical to preventing spread, keeping people at work, and supporting efforts such as contact tracing. Healthvana has delivered over 50 million health records to patients to their mobile phones – no app download needed, just a phone browser and birthday.

Additionally, cities and counties, labs, health systems, employers, skilled nursing facilities, homeless shelters, schools and more are able to use Healthvana to reduce costs, manage patient communication, and inspire informed action for better outcomes.

Los Angeles-based Healthvana focuses solely on anxiety-provoking health information, and serves as the largest patient communication platform for Covid-19 and HIV in the U.S