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Speed is life

On a mission to eliminate COVID-19 through technology. More than 3 million test results delivered on behalf of states and local governments, labs, school systems, universities, businesses and more.

With COVID-19, every second counts.


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It’s critical to know your status as soon as possible. We’ve helped more than 3 million patients get COVID-19 test results on their mobile phones.

We Help


Cities and counties, labs, employers and schools are working together to slow the spread of COVID-19 in their communities, and we help you manage the process.


Patient trust begins
with communication.

Patient Platform

We are not a typical patient portal. Our mobile-first, HIPAA-compliant platform was designed to deliver sensitive test results to patients in a way that is fast, clear and eases anxiety.

Patients can view COVID-19 and flu test results and vaccinations all in one place, regardless of lab or system. Patients are also given actionable education

>3M COVID-19


100% centered on


#1 in U.S. COVID-19

test results delivery

Patient/Mobile First




Administration Dashboard

We all know COVID-19 doesn’t fit into today’s typical healthcare systems or workflows.

Our administration dashboard allows you to dramatically reduce the delivery time of test results and gain a fast, strategic understanding of positives in your community for contact tracing and other health initiatives.

The COVID-19 Administration Dashboard helps you:

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