Message from a provider in the Patient app about COVID-19 testing.

With COVID-19, every second counts.

We've helped more than 2.5 million patients get their COVID-19 test results on their mobile phone via cities and counties, labs, employers and schools.

The nation’s largest platform for delivering COVID-19 test results.

Hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 tests are performed every day in the U.S. That’s hundreds of thousands of people who can’t go back to work, can’t see their loved ones, and may be at serious risk.

Meanwhile, testing legislation and standards are changing daily as well. Let us help you navigate the complexities and guarantee tests are sent to patients quickly, safely and accurately.

Patient trust begins with communication.

>2.5M COVID-19 tests delivered
#1 largest in U.S. for sensitive data delivery
Patient/Mobile First by design
HIPAA compliant
100% centered on speed-to-patient

Speed is Life

Patient app about COVID-19 testing.

Patient Platform

We are not a typical patient portal. Our mobile-first, HIPAA-compliant platform was designed to deliver sensitive test results to patients in a way that is fast, clear and eases anxiety.

Patients can view COVID-19 and flu test results and vaccinations all in one place, regardless of lab or system. Patients are also given actionable education on next steps and how to prevent further spread of the disease.

The COVID-19 Patient Platform helps patients:

  • Get test results fast via text and/or email
  • Access their data whenever they need it
  • Pull and share comprehensive reports of tests + vaccines
Admin Dashboard for COVID-19 patient testing

Administration Dashboard

We all know COVID-19 doesn’t fit into today’s typical healthcare systems or workflows.

Our administration dashboard allows you to dramatically reduce the delivery time of test results and gain a fast, strategic understanding of positives in your community for contact tracing and other health initiatives.

The COVID-19 Administration Dashboard helps you:

  • Integrate test results from multiple labs/sites for a top-down view
  • Prioritize follow-up for unread positive results
  • Filter data quickly by patient, lab, company, etc.
  • Pull reports quickly and easily
  • Access details on test types and more

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