Largest delivery platform for COVID-19 test results expands to include flu and COVID-19 vaccination records and patient follow-up 

LOS ANGELESSeptember 17, 2020 – Healthvana, Inc., the nation’s largest patient platform for COVID-19 and HIV test results, today announced its new mobile vaccination record and patient follow-up solution to support the CDC COVID-19 vaccination playbook released on September 16, 2020. The mobile vaccination record will also include flu vaccinations, enabling patients to have a comprehensive view of their vaccination status on their phones to share with schools, work or physicians.  

“This is going to be the largest and most complicated vaccination effort in history. There will be multiple vaccinations released for COVID-19 over the next several months—and success will be contingent on making sure each dose is given from the exact same manufacturer at the exact right time,” said Ramin Bastani, CEO of Healthvana. “Frankly, we need to make this easy for patients to manage or else the vaccination will not protect them or our communities.” 

The CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Interim Playbook for Jurisdiction Operations outlines how to handle multiple doses, with guidelines to help healthcare providers ensure patients know where and when to get their second dose. Healthvana provides a single mobile platform for patients to access vaccination records, as well as ongoing SMS communications reminding them of their follow-up appointment and next steps for a successful vaccination.     

Flu vaccines are being produced in record numbers as anxieties increase around symptom confusion and additional strain on healthcare resources. Many employers and schools are already requiring proof of flu vaccination. The Healthvana platform will clearly show flu vaccinations in the same mobile dashboard as COVID-19 vaccinations.  

The platform also offers a simple administrative view of vaccination status so large cities, businesses, labs and other organizations across the U.S. can manage and communicate with their citizens, employees and students effectively.  

Healthvana has delivered one out of every 40 COVID-19 test results in the U.S. The mobile platform also includes details on types of COVID-19 testing, including diagnostic and surveillance, lab and rapid point-of-care tests.  

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About Healthvana 

Healthvana’s mission is to help eliminate COVID-19 and HIV using technology. Since 2015, the mobile-first patient platform has been rooted in empathy, enabling HIPAA-compliant test results to be easily and quickly distributed to patients. Healthvana gives patients the ability to access their own health results anytime, while providing cities, labs, health systems, employers, skilled nursing facilities, homeless shelters and schools the ability to reduce costs, manage patient communication and inspire informed action for better outcomes.  

Los Angeles-based Healthvana focuses solely on anxiety-provoking health information, and serves as the largest patient communication platform for COVID-19 and HIV in the U.S. For more information, visit


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