Expert in communicating anxiety-provoking patient health information becomes largest delivery network for COVID-19 test results in the U.S. 

LOS ANGELESAugust 25, 2020 – Healthvana, Inc., the U.S. leader in delivery and management of sensitive patient test results, today announced it has delivered more than one million COVID-19 test results to patients in the past three months. Results are sent directly to patients and are tailored specifically to reduce anxiety and support informed action. This approach leads to faster and healthier outcomes for patients, health officials, labs and employers.   

“Our country has never undergone this scale of coordinated testing before, so cities and labs are understandably scrambling to solve dozens of challenges involving resources, access, accuracy, speed and education – all without losing sight of the patient experience,” said Ramin Bastani, CEO of Healthvana. “By communicating easily through cell phones, we reach more patients, faster, and empower them and communities when they need it most.”   

COVID-19 test results have been widely discussed as exceptionally emotional, as patients wait days – if not weeks – for results. Delayed delivery of test results can impact a patient’s ability to return to work or school or see loved ones who are sick or in nursing homes. Meanwhile, every day test results are delayed, prospective carriers of COVID-19 may not be taking necessary precautions to prevent spread. Healthvana enables labs and other providers to immediately contact patients via mobile and email as soon as the test results are available, dramatically reducing delivery delay from days to hours and eliminating thousands of hours in phone calls. 

Bastani explains, “Behavior changes only when you know your results. Our goal is to ensure those results are delivered to everyone as quickly as possible; that patients have support to make informed choices around next steps; and that patients have easy and comprehensive access to their test results whenever they need them.” 

Healthvana’s HIPAA-compliant communication: 

  • delivers results to patients quickly and easily, only requiring date of birth to ensure accessibility to all patients regardless of socioeconomic status or race;  
  • currently deployed by counties, labs, employers, senior nursing facilities, homeless shelters and schools across the U.S.;  
  • compiles all COVID-19 tests results in one, easy-to-read dashboard for simplified access to information and reporting for administrators;  
  • reduces administrative costs, simplifies reporting, and enables providers and health officials to assess unviewed positives quickly; 
  • provides patients with actionable information on next steps to help care for themselves and prevent further spread of the disease. 

Healthvana was developed in 2015 as a vendor-agnostic patient portal that exclusively communicates sensitive test results that do not always fit in existing provider or electronic health record (EHR) workflows.  

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About Healthvana 

Healthvana’s mission is to help eliminate COVID-19 using technology. Since 2015, the mobile-first patient portal has been rooted in empathy, enabling HIPAA-compliant test results to be easily and quickly distributed to patients. Healthvana gives patients the ability to access their own health results anytime, while providing cities, labs, health systems, employers, skilled nursing facilities, homeless shelters and schools the ability to reduce costs, manage patient communication and inspire informed action for better outcomes.  

Los Angeles-based Healthvana focuses solely on anxiety-provoking health information, and serves as the largest patient communication platform for COVID-19 and HIV in the U.S. For more information, visit


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